Is it free to advertise?

Yes it is.

How long before my ad will be published?

Please allow up to 24 hours for your ad to be reviewed. However, in most cases it will be published within the hour.

Can I post multiple ads?

You may post multiple ads provided they are not duplicates of the same ad.

How long can I post the ad?

You may post the ad as long as you wish provided the ad is current and information correct.

Can I modify or delete my ad at any time?

Of course! You have full control of your ad.

How many photos can I include with each ad?

Currently we are permitting up to 12 photos per ad which is generous we think.

Do you modify the ads?

We may modify the Header to ensure it complies with our advertising requirements (i.e. must not contain all capital letters).

However, the Body of the ad will generally not be modified provided it meets minimum grammatical standards.

Your 'Terms of Use' state that only local advertisements will be permitted. Why?

Due to fraudulant ads being posted from overseas requesting payments, we have decided to restrict advertising for locals only.

In exceptional circumstances we may permit foreign ads, however they will be fully vetted prior to being published.