Self Spray Mop (Healthy Spray Mop)
Rs. 1,950

  • Self Spray Mop (Healthy Spray Mop)
  • Self Spray Mop (Healthy Spray Mop)
  • Self Spray Mop (Healthy Spray Mop)
  • Self Spray Mop (Healthy Spray Mop)


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The spray mop cleans 50% more dust and dirt than
traditional mops. It comes up with an absorbent microfiber cleaning pad to help
deep clean any solid surface and the swivel head helps you reach every corner.
It makes your cleaning routine simple and much easier. Perform cleaning,
degerming and maintenance of hardwood, tiled and ceramic floors all at once
with Healthy Spray Mop with Extra Cloth. The re-washable, abrasion-free
microfibre mop pad will allow you to get through stubborn spots with one easy
swipe. The user-friendly, ergonomically designed handle with a spray trigger
will conveniently transform mopping into an activity you would love to perform
every day. Use the refillable bottle to add your favorite cleaning solution
with water for better results. Purchase Healthy Spray Mop with Extra Cloth, a
versatile cleaning tool for your entire home.


• Picks up 50% more dirt and dust per swipe than
traditional mops

• Non-scratch scrubber for stubborn spots

• Usable on solid surfaces including laminate,
vinyl, tile and stone

• Easy to use and quick response

• No bucket required

• Perfect cleaning and effortless moping

Set includes

• Washable microfiber cleaning pad

• Swivel mop head with Velcro attachment

• 25 oz refillable bottle

Additional details

● Listed Date: May 17, 2018
● Telephone: 0766697659